Ömer Faruk Türkoğlu M.D. Ph.D. was born in Ankara in 1968. After completing up to high school in Ankara he was admitted to Hacettepe University Medical School in 1985 and graduated with honors in 1992. Upon his medical degree, he was admitted to the Neurosurgery Residence program at Hacettepe University and received his specialty in Neurosurgery in 2001. He worked in various positions in different locations and then he became professor in 2020. Now, he is working in Ankara Bilkent City Hospital as a professor doctor. Dr. Türkoğlu is a father of two and is fluent in English and Turkish.

Lumbar Disc Herniations

Our waist is a structure that carries the weight of our body, transfers the load from the hips to the legs, and also enables our body to be mobile in our daily activities. Lumbar hernia is the definition given to all painful conditions that occur as a result of the displacement of the structure called disc, located between the vertebrae of the lumbar region, towards the canal through which the nerves and spinal cord pass.